Watch Two Sneak Peeks from This Week's 'VICE' on HBO Episode


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Watch Two Sneak Peeks from This Week's 'VICE' on HBO Episode

We take a close look at Alabama's strict anti-immigration laws and then travel to Haiti to see where the 2010 earthquake relief funds really ended up.

Our third season ofVICE is airing Fridays on HBO right now. To gear up for this week's episode, we have a clip from each of Friday's segments. So far this season, we've investigated climate change, police militarization, dangerous legal highs, and more. This week, we look at Alabama's anti-immigration laws, which are some of the toughest in the country. These strict laws have forced tens of thousands of immigrants to flee—and may also be doing real damage to the state's economy.

In our second segment, VICE's Vikram Gandhi travels to Haiti to investigate the lingering effects of the massive earthquake that hit the country in 2010. After over $10 billion in global relief fund donations, why are so many Haitians still living in abysmal conditions? Gandhi sets off through Port-au-Prince to follow the trail of money and find out.

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