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A Hungarian Mayor Tried to Scare Away Refugees with a Film Showing Beefy Men on Horses and Helicopters

It looks like a scene from the new 'Transporter' reboot.

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Hundreds of thousands of immigrants are streaming from Syria and other war-torn parts of the Middle East toward the relative safety of Europe right now. The refugee crisis has inspired a lot of support and goodwill from people around the world, but it's also sparked a shitstorm of racist, nativistic responses from anti-refugee citizens and leaders across Europe.

Hungary's far-right prime minister, Viktor Orban, has already said that the flood of Muslim refugees is a threat to Europe's "Christian roots" and he is building a gigantic wall along the Serbian border to keep them out.

Now, the mayor of a Hungarian town called Asotthalom has taken Orban's example to the next logical level—he's filmed an action-packed propaganda video to flaunt his town's might and warn potential immigrants to not even think about putting their malnourished, dirty fucking shrapnel-studded feet into it. The video looks like a scene from the new Transporter reboot, complete with a knock-off Steve Jablonsky score.

"If you are an illegal immigrant and you want to get to Germany," Asotthalom Mayor Laszlo Toroczkai says, after a few clips of speeding cop cars and swole, threatening dudes on horses, "Hungary is a bad choice. Asotthalom is the worst."

Toroczkai may be a pretty outspoken opponent of illegal border crossings, but the New York Times is quick to remind everyone that he once had his ass kicked by Serbian nationalists after getting caught sneaking into the country in 2008. If only there'd been a scary YouTube video to dissuade him back then.