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Monster Trucks... On Acid!

Tripping balls around the scariest trucks in the world.

Monster truck racing is traditionally the domain of men from rural pockets of the United States with a bunch of free time on their hands and no qualms with spending upwards of $150,000 on wildly impractical vehicles. Despite the fact that there are roughly a gazillion officially sanctioned Monster Jam events around the country in any given year, many people who live in cities know nothing about the sport and the culture surrounding it. We were some of those frail urbanites who didn’t know the difference between a carburetor and a crankshaft, so when we heard a Monster Jam was happening about two hours outside New York, we grabbed our buddy Dan, shoved two hits of acid down his throat, and headed up to Hartford, Connecticut, to find out what kind of damage a gigantic truck with 2,000 ponies under the hood can do.

OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER: This article is for entertainment purposes only. You should never, under any circumstances, attempt to recreate or reenact the activities in this video. You morons.