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Remembering Your First Heartbreak Can Be Brutal

In the latest episode of the ENTITLEMENT Podcast, Alison Stevenson talks to comedian Dave Ross about the first time they got their hearts broken by someone they love.

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We have a "first time" for everything. The things we do in our lives now, no matter how mundane, had to start somewhere. That's what "Firsts" is all about. Looking back, and remembering moments in our lives that we often try to forget.

The debut episode was about the most obvious "first" there is: having sex. This second episode, however, took a turn. I wanted to get a little more heartfelt, and force my comedian friends to open a bit. So I had us talk about our first heartbreak.


I know this might sound like a total bummer, but my co-host, VICE Associate Editor Dave Schilling along with comedian Dave Ross (Terrified, Drunk History) managed to turn heartbreak into a laughing matter. We delved into the people that broke our fragile souls for the very first time, and even go on some lovely tangents about dating, toddlers, and Donkey Kong Country. Listen to the sheer and utter agony for yourself. Reflect on your own first heartbreak, and thank me later.

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