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Kehlani’s New Video For “CRZY” Will Make You Wish You Were BFFs

This is properly joyful and uplifting.

​Yeah, summer might be over and the leaves have fallen off the trees and everything is hell in the world, but Kehlani just released a new video for her single "CRZY" and it's honestly the most joyful thing you will see all week.

In it, she hangs out with all her mates in the sun (they're apparently her real life friends, not actors. How much do you wanna join that gang?). They all eat birthday cake, dance in the street, have a water fight in the sun and generally have the time of their life. The lyrics are beautiful and uplifting as well, and she sings: "All this shit I've been through and it made me more real than assassin, I kill 'em, I kill 'em, I kill 'em with compassion."

Soak it all up below: