Holy Shit

Finally! Dizzee Rascal Confirms ‘Boy in Da Corner’ Shows for the UK

Dizzee will be playing the seminal record in full for the first time in the UK in October at a venue TBC.

af Daisy Jones
30 august 2016, 9:32am

If you were alive in the UK during the year 2003, you’ll know that Dizzee Rascal’s 15-track debut Boy in the Corner was the only album to listen to. It wasn’t strictly a grime record, but nevertheless gave mainstream exposure to the scene, quickly reaching gold status and became an iconic example of how to take sound system culture and turn it into a fully-realised, timeless piece of art.

Anyway, thirteen years after its release (yes, you are old now), Dizzee will be performing the entirety of ‘Boy in Da Corner’ in London for the first time since it first came out. The gig comes as part of the 2016 Red Bull Music Academy, and will take place on October 21st at a venue to be confirmed.

Earlier this year, Dizzee did a similar show in New York, and expressed how he wished to take it to his hometown. “It wouldn’t feel right just doing a show in New York and not doing it in London,” he told Pigeons and Planes at the time. “It wasn’t personal, I didn’t decide I only wanted to do a show in America! But because of what Red Bull’s been doing over the past year or so, it felt right. That is where it came from and it would mean a lot for me to do it in London… I’m just going to keep practicing so I get them bars out properly.”

In the meantime, listen to some Dizzee below and get gassed for what will probably be the best thing to happen this year: