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Why I’m Anti-Big-Government, and Why Taxes Should Be Made Illegal

We need a president who says, "You know what, let's stop paying taxes."

Let me tell you something: I hate politics. In fact, I’m very anti-politics. I don’t even vote because I think the current US government is involved in the worst form of corruption and legal extortion imaginable.

Fifty years ago people elected presidents based on who had the most knowledge of how to make America better. The difference is that while I truly believe today’s politicians are going in with the same sort of knowledge, they also exploit it so they can be multi-millionaires or billionaires by the time they leave office. I think their main goal is to try to better themselves financially. They do this by ignoring the agenda they were elected on, and by getting major corporations to bankroll them with millions upon hundreds of millions of dollars to get certain issues passed or squelched. It’s ugly. Really ugly.


On the whole, over at least the past 12 years our economy or deficit really hasn’t gotten any better than it was before. Candidates come in with the idea of ‘’I’m going to fix it. I’m going to do this and that.” What we need is a president who is going to come in and say, “You know what? Most taxes are illegal now. Let’s stop paying taxes for two or three years. Let’s see what the economy does. And let’s see if people fill in the gaps and spend money on what they need." Let me tell you something: As strange as it sounds, the more taxes the government puts out there, our deficit still isn’t going down. I know this, 100 percent.

It’s crazy. Depending on what you make, half or more of your income is taken away by state and federal taxes. For what? Just in case we have to engage in chemical warfare? To strengthen our military? Bullshit.

Why should you be forced to pay taxes on necessities? You’re actually helping the economy when you’re buying something. Isn’t that enough? Things like food, medicine, housing and clothing should not be taxed. There should be selective taxing on things like alcohol or really extravagant purchases. Otherwise, leave me alone with your goddamn taxes.

The main problem is that the government has gotten way too big. If we keep going at this rate, things will soon be beyond ridiculous. The government will be 50 percent of our population. Some people have asked me if I’m a libertarian, but I would not classify myself this way. They are anti-government. I am not completely anti-government; I’m anti-big-government.


The government needs to downsize. Period. It’s in everybody’s best interest, besides politicians, because they want to control everybody. People like to tell themselves, “Oh my God, I got a mortgage and bought a half-million-dollar house, and when I pay that off I’ll own it outright!” You may own the house, bozo, and you may think you own the land it’s built on, but try not paying property taxes for a few years and you’ll find out who really owns your dwelling – the hard way. Basically, the government owns everything. It makes me want to puke.

I believe that the people of the United States will soon rise up against the government. They are tired of constantly being taxed, worn down, making less money than they did the year before while goods and service bust through the roof and trying to find work. All of this while our population is increasing every year. The quality of everything is going down. Fucking gas prices are fucking out of fucking control! Are you serious, guys? We need help.

In my view, the last president who was fully respectable and good for the nation all-around was Abraham Lincoln, and that was a long time ago. Besides unifying the nation and outlawing slavery, he was also great in that movie where he fought all of the vampires and zombies. He is the baddest bad-ass president ever, no doubt. I mean, how can you not like a president who slays vampires? It’s impossible. I think all presidents – and everyone in government, really – should be forced to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. It’ll show them how it’s done.



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