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We meet KSI, the UK's ultimate gamer celebrity, and follow Team FNATIC to Gamescom—the biggest gaming event in the world—where they battle it out for Europe's top eSports title.

Today, there are more people in the world who play the online multiplayer battle game League of Legends than there are people who live in France. We wanted to see how humanity got to this point, so VICE host Matt Shea flew to South Korea, a country where competitive gaming—also known as eSports—can either make you rich and famous or land you in rehab.

In Part Three, we head to London to meet KSI, a millionaire gamer who became rich and famous by vlogging his FIFA matches. At a VIP gaming party we have our first encounter with the One Direction of Europe's eSports scene: Team FNATIC. We follow them to Gamescom, the biggest gaming event in the world, to see them take on Team Alliance for Europe's top title.

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