Photos of Toronto's League of Lady Wrestlers


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Photos of Toronto's League of Lady Wrestlers

How can you not love a backyard-style wrestling competition with stars like "The Stinker," "Helga Hysteria," and "Doughnut Messaround"?

This article originally appeared on VICE Canada.

Last Friday, the second annual Island Rumble took place on the Toronto Island. In a makeshift wrestling ring surrounded by screaming fans, match after match of vulgar, choreographed madness took place. It was put on by the League of Lady Wrestlers, an art collective who (obviously) love wrestling. It's kind of like the WWE but in a backyard, with slightly more glitter and references to yeast infections—one of the finishing moves actually involved one wrestler smothering another one's face in her yeast-infected crotch. Another move involved bottling a "Misogynist Heckler"; there was even a match that made its way from Artscape onto the beach, where the host of the event announced her retirement and fought one last match in the water.


With wrestling names like "The Stinker," "Helga Hysteria," and "Doughnut Messaround," the competitors took turns battling it out for what looked like ten trophies duct-taped together with a plastic baby doll on top. Nevertheless, it made for a glorious display of celebration and hilarity.