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Stuart Griffiths Has an Exhibition Next Week

It's free and it's going to be great.

You've probably come across some of Stuart Griffiths' work on or in VICE before. There was that time he told us about being a pap for The Sun, the time he took all those great photos of 11-year-old gangsters in Liverpool, that time he told us about being beaten relentlessly by Congolese soldiers for a week and the time he sent us these amazing rave photos.

Then there was the time he sent us a bunch of photos he'd taken of ex-soldiers who'd been injured and disfigured in the Iraq War. The body of work stemmed from Stuart living in a hostel for homeless veterans, which he eventually moved out of, before returning to document the young men returning from Iraq, missing limbs, bearing scars and trying to find their place in the country that had sent them to war.

Starting on the 3rd of May – and running for two weeks – Stuart is exhibiting those photos at the Upper Street Gallery in Elephant and Castle. It's free for the whole fortnight, so if you're in the area (or if you have an interest in good photography) go along and admire Stuart's photos.

Follow Stuart on Twitter: @PlanetGriff