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Well, America Is About to Win Every Gold Medal Thanks to Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper's new Nike ad will make you feel patriotic AF.

Still via YouTube

Chance the Rapper is many things, not least an American hero. And, although it is because of an ad and ads are, on principle, bad, Chance the Rapper is about to be an American hero for a whole shit ton more people thanks to Nike. In Nike's latest ad, United Together, Chance delivers a rousing song about unity and America, weaving in references to the Star Spangled Banner and the Constitution. There are quips like "We want a W we tired of picking different sides / I got your jersey just a different size" that work both as Olympics inspiration and Obama-esque proclamations for a divisive election year. I repeat: Was there any doubt that Chance the Rapper is an American hero?

In the ad, we see footage of the men's and women's US national basketball teams and lots of American flags and Chance himself, rocking Chance gear (a nice concession on Nike's part and a reminder that Chance merch is cooler than your Nike Dri-Fit hat anyway). This is topical, of course, because the Olympics are happening right now in Rio de Janeiro, and it is our national duty to have the best basketball team. Fortunately, this song is a guarantee that we will win all the golds. It will make you feel, as Benjamin Franklin once said, patriotic AF. Watch the ad below:

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