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We're Giving Away Free Drinks at the Old Blue Last This Weekend

Come down early to get your hands on tokens.

What do you prefer: paid drinks or free drinks? If it's the latter, well done – you have a basic grasp on how you should be living your life. The number one thing you should now do with that grasp on life is come to the Old Blue Last this Saturday for a party to celebrate the launch of the Art of Blue concept, a collaboration between Gap and VICE, in which emerging street artists will be creating ten original pieces of artwork that celebrate optimism and democracy.

The murals will be created by artists including Zio Ziegler, Roman Grandinetti and Andrew McAttee, and will appear in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Paris and Rome. Andrew McAttee’s artwork will be up on the Old Blue Last this Saturday, and we'll be providing the soundtrack with music from HYETAL (live), GETME!, Snap Crackle & Pop, Pále, Paint It Black, Steve XL and Ed Lilo on the ones and twos.

And on to that free drink – we've got a bunch of drinks tokens to hand out from 8PM onwards, so come down early if you want to get your hands on those before they run out.

Check out more Art of Blue stuff on #BACKTOBLUE.