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Vote for Music's Hottest Babe!

The lads over at Gigwise have been eyeing up the totty this afternoon. Oioi! ;)

I don't know about you chaps, but I love a woman who knows how to rock! My dream girl isn't into straightening her hair and stroking fluffy kittens, she wants to sink a couple of pints, go check out a band and then argue into the night about which White Stripes album is the best!

I know most guys fancy 'pin-ups' like Megan Fox (yawn) and Jorgie Porter (bimbo alert!), but I've got a confession to make: I LOVE BIRDS IN BANDS! If you're accusing me of loving a) tits, and b) guitars, then I'm afraid that I am guilty as charged, guv! Which is why when I saw this headline on the always-fabulous, I was tickled pink!


Those jokers over at Gigwise have put together a guide to the sexiest single women in music. I tell you what, it's a really timely feature. Right now there are LOADS of strong, independent women (hi, M.I.A.) and party girls (hi, Minaj) proving that even in high heels, they can still rock harder than most blokes!

So, here is the long-awaited Gigwise guide to the sexiest single women in music! Don't forget to check their razorsharp comments beneath the chicks' photos – though dragging your eyes away may be a challenge ;)


I think I might be the right man! Let's stay up late drinking Jack and listening to my Ramones back catalogue please Alison ;)


FINGERS CROSSED, eh lads? Ha, who am I kidding, she's been voted pretty much the sexiest woman in music across the board. She's out of my league. Or is she? ;)


This Queen of Quirk is adorkable! True, her (lady)star is currently rising in the world of modern media, but I think she'll always be a shy, indie type at heart ;)


They can't see her getting back together with Ashley. Hmmm… What do you think readers? Leave your opinions in the comments below. Who knows, maybe Cheryl will see your profile pic and get her people to call your people (mum) ;)


S&M and binge drinking?!? Sounds like a VICE girl to me. Wish me luck in my quest for some muck ;)


It's true. The rumour mill has been fired up. That's the thing with bi-sexuals, you're always left guessing. Dick or vagina? YOU JUST DON'T KNOW! Tell you one thing though, lads, if that's butch, then call me Pat Butch-erer ;)



There is A LOT of speculation about whether or not RiRi will get back together with Chris Brown. What do you think, VICE readers? Leave your opinions beneath! And try to be nice ;)


Taylor Swift? Well, she sure was swift when it came to getting our attention. Forget Donnie Darko, let's get starko! Jake's not the only man with a big, friendly rabbit ;)


They didn't have much to say about Lykee Li. Maybe she left them speechless ;)


They didn't have much to say about Oh Land, either. I guess she left them tongue-tied ;)


They also didn't have much to say about Ellie Goulding. Maybe they think her legs speak for themselves. Or maybe they had just arrived at climax ;(

So, there you go. Girls, I hope you've taken some inspiration. Lads, I know you're happy ;) And everyone, don't forget to let us know who you think is sexiest in the comments beneath!

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