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Hopgood's Foodliner

A dizzying and delicious night out in Toronto.

Hopgood's Foodliner is the brainchild of Geoff Hopgood. Situated in the middle of Toronto's Roncesvalles neighborhood—a historically Polish area that's now been gentrified—Hopgood's imports the energy and flavor of Canadian Maritimes cuisine and chefs it up slightly. We took the Hopgood's crew out to one of their favorite restaurants, Chantecler, a popular spot in Toronto's Parkdale neighborhood that alternates between decadent tasting menu sittings and a more subdued, lettuce wrap Sunday meal. After that, we headed up north to the Junction neighborhood for drinks at Hole in the Wall. The night ended back at Hopgood's for a seafood party. It was dizzying and delicious. Hope you enjoy it.

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