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English Breakfast Cupcakes

Time to cook ourselves some baked goods with real balls.

ENGLISH BREAKFAST CUPCAKES - THE RECIPE It's time to ignore all the twee, Cath Kidston wearing dicks and their obsession with all sugar and no substance cupcakes, and cook yourself some baked goods with real balls. The secret ingredient? MEAT. Cake Mix Ingredients
Lots x bacon rashers, black pudding and sausages chopped and fried
¼ - cup of unsalted butter
1 - egg
¼ - cup of brown sugar
1 ¼ - cup of self-raising flour
½ - tsp of baking powder
1/3 - cup of milk Icing Ingredients
cream cheese
brown sauce
baked bean mush


Step 1
Chop and fry off all your meat. Step 2
Next, beat all the ingredients of the cake batter together.

Step 3
Now dump in all the cooked meat. Step 4
Put into cases and bake at 180c for 20 minutes.

Step 5
For the icing, take some cream cheese and slosh in your breakfast themed sauces. Step 6
Top cupcakes with icing and finish with some extra fancy fried sprinkles.




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