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The Fiction Issue 2008

The Defender Of Snakes

I thought of her as the defender of snakes. She was a German woman with shaggy, sandy blond hair. The first time I saw her, she was sitting with a group of paragliders at the Friends coffee shop.

Before her time as a senior editor at

, Amie worked at

and the

. Here, at

, she would often blurt out things like “Ding, dang, doodle!” really loudly for no apparent reason, and then she would go ahead and pull in great pieces by hugely respected writers. It was great. Then one day she said, “Hey, I’m moving to India. Goodbye forever.” And she did. Now she’s our editor at large and she sends us funny emails about her 60-year-old Chinese roommate, Melitis. Amie is also embarking on a fiction career of her own, which is looking pretty damn promising, damn it.


Story Read by: Faris Badwan, singer for the Horrors and a world-class drawer of doodlings.

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