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Stream Exhumed's New Album, 'Gore Metal: A Necrospective'

The band recently re-recorded their seminal 1998 album because the original lacked the sonic depth and pure metal aggression they were going for.

In 1998, Exhumed recorded Gore Metal, one of the most influential death metal records ever made. Like most metal albums recorded with a small budget in the 90s, the sound quality was absolute shit. Cheap recording gear of that era was built for Rod Stewart, not Napalm Death—it was hard to capture the dynamic brutality Exhumed was going for when recording on the equivalent of a YakBak. That's thankfully not the case now, so Exhumed decided to tackle the songs from Gore Metal once again.

They re-recorded the 1998 album in its entirety, start to finish, and are releasing it on Relapse later this month. The new recording has the same face-smashing ferocity of the original but with some much-needed sonic depth. It sounds amazing. We're streaming the whole thing exclusively on VICE. Give it a listen.

Preorder Gore Metal: A Necrospective here.