Who Says Pop Can't Be Posh? Check Out Carli's New Track "Reppin'" ft. Duvchi

The Swedish DJ/producer teams up with songwriter Duvchi to bring us this fat slice of sweet, sweet pop.

We’ve been curious to know what’s up with Carli Löf aka Carli ever since he released “Lights & Strobes” earlier this year. Well, we've got our hands on his latest work, and it's this giddy, refreshing tune called “Reppin”.

Carli teams up with songwriting talent Duvchi, his hypnotic beats mixing with Duvchi’s dreamy vocals to bring us a well-balanced track that feels as modern as it does sophisticated. On “Reppin’”, Carli showcases his exceptional producer skills, using nothing more than the absolute minimum to bring us a fat slice of sweet, sweet, contemporary pop.

The Swedish DJ/producer has long since proven he’s a force to be reckoned with. I mean, look at the numerous collaborations he’s done over the years: from Robyn, Rebecka and Fiona, to Crookers, and Albin Myers – just to name a few. And don’t forget what he’s done for the likes of Staygold, Savage Skulls and our duo of choice, Marcus Price & Carli. It’s hard to question Carli’s genre-defying style or productivity – and now he's sprinkling his posh-y producing magic on the world of pop as well.

“Reppin’” is out via Woah Dad! tomorrow, September 2nd.