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Here’s a Great New Run the Jewels Song for 'GEARS OF WAR 4,' a Game I Will Definitely Dislike

Yay, RTJ. Nah, Gears of War.

af Jabbari Weekes
12 september 2016, 12:59pm

As we patiently wait for Run The Jewels third album, the duo has decided to deliver us a treat in the form of a great new song called "Panther Like A Panther." Unfortunately, it's for upcoming video game Gears of War 4, which is probably going to suck. Nevertheless, El-P and Killer Mike deliver solid verses over a sparse beat while the trailer teases a new 'Horde mode' which I'm sure will do nothing to fix the wall bouncing issues and the shotguns' inconsistent hit-box spray which has plagued the series since the first iteration.

A new class system is also being introduced although I assume something of the sort appeared in the previous release of Judgement. I don't know. I passed on that prequel because it seemed like an attempt to co-opt the first person button mapping of other tired game series Call of Duty with less than spectacular results. The mediocrity of the GOW 3 campaign prior also did nothing to boost my enthusiasm

Again, though, good song. For those who do enjoy this game, RTJ will be featured as playable multiplayer characters.

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