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Gucci Mane Says He Recorded Music for Outkast

Return of the G, indeed.

Outkast are one of the greatest rap duos of all time, and if you don't agree you should leave this website right now. The pair returned for a globe-spanning tour in 2014, and now it looks as though Andre 3000 and Big Boi may finally be linking up to record new music together. The news came from fellow Atlanta artist Gucci Mane, who, in a Snapchat video, unleashed a roll call of artists he had recently been working with.


"I just did a record for Outkast. I just did a record for Wayne. I just did a record for Boosie. I just did a record for Project Pat. I just did a record for E-40", Gucci says, while looking like he's just returned from a ten mile run or a brief period in a sauna. What does that even mean? As the Twitter user who posted the video below speculated in a further tweet, "Worst case scenario this is just a Gucci Mane feature for a future Big Boi album and Andre 3000 got a short verse on it." Right guys? Right. Hold your hands and wait for this new Outkast to arrive and watch the receipts below.

So Gucci Mane did a feature for outkast. We getting a new song or new album or what?

— vince barter (@vince_barter)

September 6, 2016