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No Joke, You Should Definitely Watch 21 Savage's Entire 'Breakfast Club' Interview

Charlamagne:"You think you're just numb to death and murder at this point?" 21:"Yeah, pretty much."

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Savage Mode is one of the year's most focused, engaging rap releases, cashing 21 Savage's hype into something close to bonafide stardom. 21 popped by the Breakfast Club studio this morning to do a candid, freewheeling interview that explores his past, going all the way back to his weapons charge and expulsion from school in the seventh grade.

21 clarifies his Wikipedia entry, saying that he only acted in self-defence during the shootout that injured him and took the life of one of his best friends. He talks a lot about karma and escaping it, whether it's through music, positive energy, or believing in a higher power. ("I'm spiritual, I'm Ifá, that's a Nigerian religion") This interview is a lot, so the best thing you can probably do is watch as much of it as you can below.

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