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Trash Talk Are Playing a Show in London Next Week

And we're giving away free tickets to two lucky bastards with Twitter accounts.

Trash Talk make great music to punch people to. The problem is, it's generally considered bad form to act that urge out on public transport or in dog parks or while passing elderly couples on nature trails; you really need to be in a room full of other people feeling the same thing for it to be a legitimately good time rather than aggrieved physical assault.

A good example of an Acceptable Situation is a Trash Talk gig, like the one Noisey are putting at the Camden Underworld, next Monday the 8th of July. You should buy tickets from here because it's going to be great, but if you have a moral objection to spending money on stuff you enjoy, retweet the tweet below for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the gig.

RT to #win a pair of tickets to @TRASH_TALK's London show hosted by @NoiseyMusic this coming Monday:

— VICE UK (@VICEUK) July 4, 2013

Find out everything else you need to know about the gig on the Facebook event page.