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Peaches’ New Video Will Make You Feel “Sick in the Head”

She transforms her vagina into a mouth with teeth... because why not?

When you see the words "Peaches" and "new video" in close vicinity of each other, you know you're about to see some tits, vaginas, latex, glitter or some combination of all four. And good thing too, because there aren't enough tits, vaginas, latex or glitter on full display in this world as it currently stands, so Peaches keeps our beautiful planet topped up at all times, usually set to the sound of some filthy bass and lyrics that make you clap your hand over your mouth in shock.


That said, Peaches' new video for "Sick in the Head" is perhaps a little low key compared to the video for "Rub", but it still includes her flinging her latex-clad glittery limbs around in a tunnel, her "upper half" transformed into two goggly eyes and her "lower half" transformed into an actual mouth, with teeth (which will make you shudder if you've ever seen the film Teeth). The track itself is a banger but what do you expect?

Watch below: