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Watch Pujol's New Video Directed by Everything Is Terrible

The Saddle Creek punk artist teamed up with the video group to make demented, seizure-inducing visuals for his song "Manufactured Crisis Control."

Daniel Pujol makes a thoughtful and contained breed of punk rock. It doesn't pretend to be revolutionary, but it's still powerful and intellectually stimulating. He recently teamed up to make a video for his song "Manufactured Crisis Control" with the Everything Is Terrible group, a collective of hyperactive retro-futurist video bloggers from Ohio. The video shows Pujol as a mutant creature wandering the city, his silhouette lit with a demented assortment of clips from horror movies and 80s dram-coms spliced together into a unified, seizure-inducing stream.

Pujol's new album, Kludge, is out on Saddle Creek. Check it out here.