• Anime North Is Canada's Nerd Utopia

    "Anime could bring about world peace" – a nerd.

  • Nerdwatch 2012

    I attended the New York Comic Con this year, and it was such a beautiful experience that it dragged me out of a depression that didn't seem to have a foreseeable end. I hung out with friends, met some of my heroes, sold some art, and bought some art...

  • Empathy-crying with Mind-blowing Babes at Hyper Japan 2012

    Second-hand embarrassment and first-hand hard-ons.

  • I Want To Be A Hologram

    Hatsune Miku is one of Japan's biggest popstars. She also doesn't exist. Here are some of her fans.

  • Hey Anime Fan!

    How much time did you spend on your costumes? Like eight hours?