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A Houston Woman Just Became the First Person Convicted Under an Anti-Animal Crush Porn Law

A 24-year-old pleaded guilty of charges relating to videos where she wore a mask and horrifically abused dogs and cats.


The ACLU Is Fighting to Keep Revenge Porn Safe and Legal for Pervs

Your vagina has less of a right to privacy than your credit card numbers or medical records. That's objectively fucked-up.


Will a Lawsuit Revive Humboldt County's Legendary 420 Bash?

Fighting for the right to smoke lots of weed in the forest.


Police Raided This Guy's House Over a Parody Twitter Account

The ACLU is going after the mayor of Peoria, Illinois.


How a Power-Mad Illinois Mayor Launched a Police Crusade Against a Parody Twitter Account

Peoria city officials apparently don't understand the First Amendment.