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Danny Brown Has No Competition

On the cusp of the Detroit rapper's 'Atrocity Exhibition,' the now 35-year-old is more comfortable than ever. This is his moment.


72 Hours in Cleveland: Searching for Rock 'n' Roll in Donald Trump's America

Punks, prophets, and Kid Rock: the Republican National Convention was one of the weirdest events in the history of the United States. Where do we go from here?


24 Years Ago, Guns n' Roses and a Cry Baby Axl Rose Turned Montreal into a Riotous Wasteland

Putting Guns 'n' Roses and Metallica on the same tour was the greatest of bad ideas.


Beyond LinkinBall Z: The History of the Anime Music Video

They tried so hard and got so far, but in the end, what do AMVs really matter?


The Future of the British Music Festival is Bleak

As a new report shows, festivals are a £2.3bn industry in the UK, but when Glastonbury sees profits of as little as 50p per ticket, how long can they be sustained?


How Bjork and Beyoncé Destroyed Pop Music's Heartbroken Woman

When women are angry, they are expected to be sexy. When women are hurt, they are expected to be dignified. These two records changed that.


People Were Stealing Music Long Before Millennials Ruined Everything with Internet Pirating

Music pirating has existed since the beginning of recorded music—but the last decade would rather have you blame yourself, your bedroom, and Napster. This is the history.


I Spent a Day Visiting Britain's Best New Record Stores

The hunt for that quintessential record store experience took me far and wide, to some of the finest establishments on in the UK.


Living with Tinnitus: I Find It Hard to Believe Silence Ever Existed

Tom Bellamy from the band Losers woke up one day with ringing in his ears. Five years on, we asked him to write about life with tinnitus.


Jeg opdagede min musiksmag gennem videospil, og jeg er ikke den eneste​

Havde det ikke været for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Grand Theft Auto og Dave Mirra ville mit musikbibliotek være i sørgelig stand.​


God's Not Finished: Kanye West Sees the Light on 'The Life of Pablo'

The Chicago rapper/producer searches for fulfillment in faith and family on his stunning seventh album.


A Tour of the Work Studio of Mr. Creepy, Flint, Michigan’s Dumpster-Diving Junk Instrument Builder

A look at the awesomely bizarre contraptions of Ryan Gregory.