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De her ultrajazzede mix af 90’er-rapsamples er enhver hiphop-nørds våde drøm

DJ Sameeds program på NTS Radio fører lyttere på en rejse gennem smooth og funky samples fra A Tribe Called Quest, Mobb Deep og mange andre.
Phil Witmer

Prodigy's barbecue-laks

Der er ikke så meget luksus over denne opskrift, men maden smager fantastisk.
Albert "Prodigy" Johnson

How-To: Prodigy fra Mobb Deep laver barbecue-laks

Prodigy fra Mobb Deep besøger MUNCHIES-testkøkkenet for at vise os, hvordan man tilbereder barbecue laks - når man er bag tremmer.
Albert "Prodigy" Johnson

Old school billeder af New Yorks hip-hop legender

Se Mos Def, Mobb Deep, Wu Tang og flere unge hip-hop legender i disse autentiske, genfundne billeder fra 1990'ernes New York.
Taku Onoda

Vince Staples Is Right: Chill Out About the Goddamn 90s

Put aside your kneejerk reaction and do some math: Are we really expecting artists to love music that came out when they were in diapers?
Kyle Kramer

"Fuck This Shit": A Metalhead's Guide to Mobb Deep

Mobb Deep is playing at Maryland Deathfest, the biggest extreme metal festival in North America. Here's how to cope if your iTunes has more Darkthrone than Drake.
VICE Premiere

Here's Mobb Deep's Newest Single, 'Say Something'

Their new album is just what we've been waiting for.
VICE Staff

Kaytranada: Not Missing A Beat

Montreal's best new dance music artist Kaytranada copes with both sudden fame and unmovable audiences.
Eric Zaworski
The Literature Issue

Fiending To Get Off

In a rap game teeming with hungry MCs fiending to get put on, Invincible's story is all about fiending to get off. At 17 she came to NYC from Ann Arbor, MI, and hung out at the Lyricist Lounge, eventually joining the all-female Anomolies posse. She...
Damien McCaffery