Music Video Premieres


Aarhus Rapper MONTI's "Rare" Video is a Manic Trip Through Nature

"The video is not meant to just show that I'm tripping out on psychedelic drugs – but that being in myself feels strange, because I don't know where I fit in."


Saint's New "Holly" Video Somehow Makes Line Dancing Seem Kind of Cool

It definitely won't get you off like a Rihanna-vid, but you know what? It shouldn't.


Pucker Up and Watch Danish Romance Punks The Entrepreneurs' Tenderly Gory New Video

The Copenhagen three-piece have served up a bloody feast of love, sin, and glorious noise in their new "Ombre" video.


Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds Host the Most Stylish House Party Ever Seen on Video

The legendary member of The Gun Club, The Cramps, and Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds returns with a song about a badass Mexican spider woman.


PREMIERE: Deftones Drape Themselves in Pink Psychedelic Light in the "Prayers/Triangles" Video

The abstract 'Gore' opener gets a visual every bit as transfixing.


Pro Era's Kirk Knight and Joey Bada$$ Mob Through New York City in Their "5 Minutes" Video

It's possible to restore the feeling of New York hip-hop eras past without falling down a well of hero worship.


PREMIERE: Chicago Rapper/Singer Tink Gets Dressed Up to Dump a Bad Boyfriend in "Medicine"

Toast that special one who let you get away to the 'Winter's Diary 3' highlight.


PREMIERE: Watch Jarvis Cocker Hang with Tigers, Ponder the Universe in the Video for "Completely Sun"

It's the wry, Herzogian art house nature documentary you never knew you always wanted.


Appearances Are Deceiving in Minneapolis Rapper Prof and Waka Flocka Flame's "Apeshit" Video

A night of partying gets real hectic in the Rhymesayers MC's newest clip.


Watch "OD," Chicago Rapper JDott Trife's Final Video Before Passing Away from Cancer Last Week

Friends and collaborators Million $ Mano and O-Zone remember JDott Trife's life and music as we premiere his final video.


Fresh From Premiering Over at the Tate Britain, Here's Kojey Radical's "Open Hand"

"Open Hand" is one of the most confident and stark visuals we've seen in a minute.


Synthpop Eccentrics Surrender the Spirit Go Manson Family in Their "Control" Video

The group gets stabby to the sweetest pop sounds.