My Chemical Romance

  • Good Bands with Shitty Fans

    Ugh, you are RUINING these bands for the rest of us.

  • Emo! The Musical!

    Two brassy New Yorkers have conceived a zygotic musical based on the discography of Panic! At The Disco. Here's what it will look like. Probably.

  • Waycest is the Grossest Thing on the Internet

    It’s fan fiction where the two brothers from My Chemical Romance well, uh...

  • A Big Night Out At... Britain's Biggest Emo Club!

    Are British subcultures really dead, or are they just hiding behind a massive fringe?

  • Our Chemical Romance

    The Black Parade’s 30th Anniversary Box Set will be a real thing, and it will contain a comic book, a bouquet of nylon roses and four CDs with every outtake and demo worth scrounging, including a cover of The Used’s “Yesterday’s Feelings” that was meant a

  • Gerard Way Witnessing 9 / 11

    Would My Chemical Romance still be together?