Noisey UK's Objectively Correct Review of the Year

    • 12.31.14

      Best of 2014: Noisey Guides

      Here is a compilation of Noisey guides that will hopefully have contributed towards your navigation of existence here on planet Earth.

    • 12.29.14

      Best of 2014: Pop

      People sure had a lot to say about women and their arses this year, eh?

    • 12.28.14

      Best of 2014: Weird Shit

      A Dutch girl band filmed themselves orgasming while singing and some other shit.

    • 12.27.14

      Best of 2014: Interviews

      A compilation of the best things people who don't work for Noisey have said.

    • 12.27.14

      Best of 2014: Rock

      Rock music has always had a turbulent relationship with the mainstream, but various things happened this year that indicated a change in public perception towards the genre.

    • 12.24.14

      Noisey's Top One Big Hat of the Year

      Which hat will make the number one spot?

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