Panic Attacks

    • 11.26.15

      ​Anxiety Or It Didn’t Happen

      Sometimes I revisit the spots where I've had my worst panic attacks. I recently went back to the California desert, Palm Springs, the scene of my last major existential dissolve.

    • 6.19.15

      Anxiety Is Slowly Killing Me

      There is nothing more uncomfortable than feeling as though you are not in complete control of the systems that function within you. You know there is no logical reason for feeling this way. And yet, in spite of it all, you do.

    • 4.27.15

      My Fear of Vomit: The Nightmare of Living with Emetophobia

      The one thought that completely invades my brain when I'm awake (and even, at times, in my sleep) is: "Will I vomit today?"

  • Annoncering
    • 8.27.09

      Paint the pain away

      I go to art class once a week along with some other people: mostly odd, elderly ladies and role-players.