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We Asked a Die Hard Eurovision Fan to Rank the British Entries from Shit to Not Shit

Because the only European vote you should be worrying about is tonight's British 'Eurovish' qualifiers on BBC Four.


Sexism, Deceit, and Power: The Corrupt Mechanics Behind Modern Pop Music

A conversation about the murky values of the music industry with John Seabrook, author of 'The Song Machine: Inside the Hit Factory'.


Let's Dance: David Bowie's Everlasting Influence on Pop Music

Talking about how Bowie influenced pop music is like talking about how oxygen affects the breathing process.


The Reactions to That Madonna Kiss Back up Shitty Ageist Misconceptions About How Men Mature but Women Decay

You won’t find Pharrell (42), Jay Z (45), David Guetta (47), Brian Ferry (69), or Keith Richards (71) kicking up a stink about age discrimination.


VICE Exclusive: Cure Your Disco Fever with Boulevards' 'Forgot to Mention'

The song sounds like it's made to be listened to while wearing leather pants and sweating joyously.


Madonna Is 56 – What a Bitch

So what if she keeps getting her breasts out like a cow waiting to be milked? Pop's Queen Bitch is more important than ever.


Best of 2014: Pop

People sure had a lot to say about women and their arses this year, eh?


My Night with Aaron Carter and the Aaronators

Photographer Amy L​ombard hung out backstage with the teen heartthrob at a recent New York show.


Belgrade's Chinese Shop Attendants Dance Their Troubles Away

Every evening, a group of Chinese shop attendants meet in a warehouse space on Surčin road to escape their daily routine.


We Chatted To Juce about their German Pop Bootcamp

It's not a cult they swear.


Gay Men Declare Taylor Swift the Queen of Pop

For years, gay men and many pop fans have ignored Taylor Swift, but her first official pop album '1989' has led many gay men to consider her the new queen of pop.