The Serious and Unaddressed Problem of Rape at British Music Festivals

Music festivals have become a common location for rape and sexual assaults, so why has nothing been done about it?


The Push To Bring Menstrual Cups To Nauru

Asylum seekers are often forced to line up for hours to access pads and tampons. Many bleed through their clothes and are forced to make due with tent cloths.


After ISIS Killed His Friends, This Guy Founded a Security Firm to Kill ISIS

"Anyone who kills friends of mine has made me their target. I won't stop until ISIS is destroyed."


Sådan føles det at smugle 700 gram kokain i maven

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​On Flags, Fireworks, Hot Dogs and Torture

Last week, as millions of Americans got hyped about the Fourth of July, two men brutally tortured by the US government were quietly released from prison.


China's Elite Female Bodyguards

The country's booming population of billionaires means that bodyguards are in high demand – particularly women, who are ​valued for their covert presence, precision and elegance.


The 'Charlie' Hebdo' Attacks Showed When We Need Cops

We should salute cops when they do their jobs, but law enforcement heroism can't be used to delay police reform.


How the Invasion of Ukraine Is Shaking Up the Global Crime Scene

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Violence and Private Security in South Africa

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