Sunday funny pages

    • 10.5.14

      I Fly So Low

      In Valentine Gallardo's modern comics, frightening nightmare parties, beauty and fear swirl around in a big snow globe of great drawings.

    • 8.18.14

      Locked Up

      What's the worst part of being locked in a cell since February? Starving and fighting over food, duh.

    • 8.11.14

      Jessica & the Jawbreakers in Cat Added Value

      At first Jessica and the Jawbreakers despise the mean, ugly cat who shows up at their music rehearsal, but once he starts playing tunes, they fall for the ugly kitty's artistic soul.

    • 7.28.14

      High School Urban Sex Legends

      Do you know the story about the hot dog girl? It went something like this.

    • 7.21.14

      Saturday Night on Zeta - 9711

      TV was better 700,000 years ago in outer space.

    • 7.14.14

      Free for All

      Why work as a computer programmer your whole life when you could live as a hacker and digitally steal money from banks?

  • Annoncering
    • 7.7.14

      Slam Dunks

      After the sun sets and parents tuck their kids into bed, the neighbourhood houses wake up and come out to play.

    • 6.30.14

      Star Trek

      Space: the final frontier. It's hot, there's no gravity, everyone is horny, and our Star Trek friends are ready to rip off their polyester shirts and “energise.”

    • 6.16.14

      That Pickle Kid

      School sucks for most kids, so imagine how much it sucks for a smelly, green pickle.

    • 6.9.14

      The Peeper

      Nobody loves a pervert.

    • 5.26.14

      Noah's Ark

      A religious comic for drunk heathens.

    • 5.19.14

      Francis and the Railway

      Francis Bear is just like Winnie-the-Pooh, if Pooh Bear loved beer and regularly caused car crashes.