The Hate Issue

  • ClichÉs Are Hateful Lies

    I like clichés to say in jokes, but I hate people who think they are instructive. Those people are stupid. I set out to prove it by following the clichés to the letter. Watch this...DON'T LET THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG!

  • Negro Skins

    Trends in tattoos come and go.

  • Famous People

    Famous people hate stuff too.

  • Where's The Hate?

    Maybe it was around the time that Satyr from Satyricon admitted he loved the silky feel of Dolce & Gabbana underwear.

  • Tidbits

    The best thing about buying Hitler dolls and figurines is the weird disclaimers the companies make so nobody thinks they're racist.

  • Vice Fashion - Victimized

    The term 'hate crime' is a catch-all to combat intolerance towards communities.

  • A Fascist Vs. A Nationalist Vs. A Socialist

    It's not easy getting three groups that hate each other to sit in a room and have a civil discussion about their differences.

  • Dear Diary

    I know that everyone hates me because someone put a note in my locker saying the worst, meanest things I have ever heard.

  • The Hate List

    A list of things I hate.

  • What Kids Hate

    Lula is a seven-year-old Manhattanite. She recently took time off from school and hanging out with her little brother to address the pertinent issues of her day.

  • Hardcore Collectors

    I spent way too much of my precious youth sweating out a hangover in last night's clothes, stumbling around record fairs trying to find good, cheap records.

  • Out There

    I don't hate music from all over the world. In fact, I love lots of that. But I hate the world music that goes in the world music section.