The Noisey Guide To Music and Mental Health


How Being a Music Journalist Made Me Wind Up in a Psychiatric Hospital

I was a living cliche: a failed musician who then spends his time criticizing other musicians.


ADHD Isn’t My Disorder, It’s More Like My Superpower

ADHD is so often shrouded in negativity, but by utilising it in the right way, British rapper Loyle Carner says it can be turned into an advantage.


How Can the Music Industry Fix Its Mental Health Problem?

We put Olly Alexander from Years & Years and the chairman of the leading British music charity on the phone together and got them to thrash it out.


As a Young Black Man, Rap Helped Me Deal with Depression When I Was Afraid to Seek Help

Too many black men feel unable to speak about mental health. But by talking about his own, Isaiah Rashad's music helped me understand there’s no template to being who I am.


Lost and Unwanted: How a Disastrous Record Deal Can Fuck with Your Mental Health

Like so many musicians, Willis Earl Beal and Clare Maguire both signed life-changing recording contracts, but neither were prepared for quite how life-changing they would be.


How Mainstream Emo Made Us Talk About Mental Health

Despite moral panic and tabloid witch hunts, mainstream emo threw a mirror up to what has long been overlooked in society: that kids need help, and they should be taken seriously.


Childhood, Fame, and Depression: The Story of Lil' Chris

His story seemed all too tragically familiar. A child who found huge fame at an unfathomably early age, and seemed to spend the rest of their teens and twenties trying to cope with the aftermath.


The Dark and Lonely World of Performance Anxiety

It affects 75 percent of musicians, contributes to drug addiction and alcoholism, and can end careers. Why aren't more people talking about performance anxiety?


Inside the Terror One Musician Faced with His Addiction to Alcohol

Spirit Adrift’s Nate Garrett nearly died of alcoholism, but turned to doom instead.


What's It Like to Be in a Band When You're Living with Bipolar Disorder?

"When you’re manic," explains Patrick Stickles from Titus Andronicus, "it can be dangerous to have a lot of people respond to it positively."


How Music Helped Me Back from the Edge of Suicide

The bath, where my suicide attempt took place, was the only place I felt comfortable. I would perch my laptop on a chair, and replay the same song until the rest of me reached saturation point.


Lost in the World: How Kanye West Helped Me Stare Down Depression

Kanye West didn’t save my life, but when I decided to save my own it felt like he was there to thank me for doing it.