The Obsessions Issue

  • Shut Up You Fucking Baby

    Why should you care that Harmony Korine did a documentary about another one of David Blaine's look-at-me stunts? So what if a megalomaniac magician locked himself in a tiny glass box for 44 days and called it performance art?

  • Electric Independence

    My part-time-MC/stylist roommate, Miss Matches, has OCD. We like to bring it up at parties and people usually laugh and talk shit, but if these same people were getting five calls a day asking if they left the oven/curling iron/candles on, they wouldn...

  • No War for Heavy Metal!

    Most people in Baghdad don't leave their houses at night. They don't rent movies. They don't go to bars. Mostly, they sit huddled in dingy shacks and wait and watch and hope that the occupying army will lift its curfew.

  • Black and White Rappers

    Don't you find it strange that Eminem's been walking around with a doo rag for over five years now and no one's said anything? Well actually, over a year ago, Ray Benzino, owner of The Source, released two freestyles dissing Eminem.

  • Let It Out

    We barf more than any teenage girl could ever dream of.