The The West is the Best Issue

  • Exploding Milkshakes

    Andy Jenkinson discusses Acid, skiing and Chelmsford Wimpy.

  • God Bless The West

    No one cares about the Old West. There was a time when people cared, but that was 1988.

  • Not Fit To Print

    Some of the worst pitches we have ever heard including pubic hair, mafia squirrels and dog-fucking.

  • Rave On Steroids

    The most fun I ever had was in a car park in Stoke when I was 14.

  • Games

    We review the Getaway and Vietcong.

  • Literary

    Running down some of the West's most fucked up books.

  • Saddam Sucks

    Saddam Hussein - The mother of all dictators.

  • Hot, Euro & Gay

    Cool girl bands you have never even heard of from, like, Denmark and Japan and stuff.

  • Juvenile Hell

    Littles discusses selling crack and shooting at the cops.

  • Vice Pictures

    Polaroids from the Vietnamese frontline.

  • It's Got A Good Beat But You Can't Dance To It

    Fuck spinning vinyl records when you can spin paper, rubber and glass instead.

  • The Merits Of War

    Bill McGowan and Scott McConnell drink beers and talk wars.