Vice comics

  • The Blooby Guys vs Cyber Surfer

    In this episode of "The Blobby Boys" drawn this week by Frédéric Fluery, the Blobby Boys get into an action-packed brawl with Cyber Surfer.

  • Bruise

    In this episode of Lauren Monger's Habits, Clem bruises her toe and wishes she had a robot body.

  • All Blobs Go to Heaven

    Where do mutant green delinquent punks go when they die?

  • An Australian Cartoonist Explains Brooklyn

    Greg Mackay decided to describe it so the rest of the world can understand it. Now you can all know Brooklyn.

  • Black Kat Cigarettes Are Purrrrfectly Smooth

    In guest illustrator Jesse Balmer's episode of "The Blobby Boys," we find Kristoff fixated on a cigarette ad at 3:14 AM.

  • A Dog Man Calls Clem a 'Bag Lady'

    In the latest episode of Lauren Monger's comic "Habits," Clem is harassed by a Pomeranian man who calls her a "bag lady" on her walk home from the grocery store.