Video Games

  • Orcs are the Immediate Future of Gay Gaming Culture

    'Tusks: The Orc Dating Sim' uses gay male orcs wandering the Scottish Highlands to explore sexual diversity, ableism in gaming, and our uncomfortable relationship with mental illness.

  • Vendor Trash: Imagining the Future of Video Game Retail

    To look at your average high street, you'd think gaming was in the dumps. It's not, obviously, so what can we do to fix that situation?

  • Why Do Video Games Love Killing the Planet?

    A look at the popularity of post-apocalyptic games, with help from the creators of two fascinating new indie titles.

  • Ten Things I Hate About Video Games in 2015

    Video games are great! Except for when they're wrapped up in shit we don't need. Which happens a lot.

  • eSports

    Giant stadiums, teenage millionaires, super fans, and addiction: Welcome to the world of eSports.

  • eSports

    We meet KSI, the UK's ultimate gamer celebrity, and follow Team FNATIC to Gamescom—the biggest gaming event in the world—where they battle it out for Europe's top eSports title.