Volume 11 Issue 10

  • I Hate Straights

    Forget about fag bashing. It's time for a little equal opportunity straight bashing.

  • Grimewatch

    What the FLIPPING HECK is going on? It's like no one in the grime scene could even be bothered to get out of bed this month.

  • Games

    The new Tony Hawk's Underground 2 is pretty good but all the hateful extra features are totally superfluous to the action.

  • Hello, White People!

    Is there anything cuter than two identical twin twelve-year-old girls who have a band together? And what if they perform folky versions of classic racist songs by bands like Skrewdriver and Rahowa?

  • The Hate List

    A list of things I hate.

  • Literary

    This is a good time for the world of Terrypublishing.

  • I Want My Dvds

    "Take it like a bitch, bitch!" The greatest documentary ever made, Fights is now followed by the mother of all sequels.

  • Spic Skins

    The Lagunilla is the biggest flea market in Mexico City. If you spend enough time there, you can find anything in the world. Even Nazis.Sitting between fake Aztec blankets and eyeless Bart Simpson dolls

  • ClichÉs Are Hateful Lies

    I like clichés to say in jokes, but I hate people who think they are instructive. Those people are stupid. I set out to prove it by following the clichés to the letter. Watch this...DON'T LET THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG!

  • Pockets Dumb Fat

    "If I lose my voice, nigga, I'ma flow online" - Jadakiss

  • Famous People

    Famous people hate stuff too.

  • Where's The Hate?

    Maybe it was around the time that Satyr from Satyricon admitted he loved the silky feel of Dolce & Gabbana underwear.