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Ved Drake overhovedet, hvordan man ryger tjald?

Efternavn Ryger, fornavn… Aldrig? Den måske største konspiration i rappens historie.
Dan Ozzi
Kyle Kramer
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Not to Be Outdone by Obama, Here’s Justin Trudeau’s Summer Playlist

Shirtless music for shirtless Prime Ministers.
Devin Pacholik

The Duality of Mane: An Appreciation of Gucci Mane's Romantic Side

While I’m sure Gucci Mane relishes the level of intimidation he’s capable of, I’d argue that Gucci loves romance even more.
Alyson Lewis
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Watch Kanye Croon a New Freestyle Over "Runaway" and Let It Lift You to Heaven

He also performed several songs from 'TLOP' and had some kind words for Wiz Khalifa.
Kyle Kramer
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Domo Genesis, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J, and Tyler, the Creator Salute Good Green with "Go (Gas)"

It's a nationwide pot smoker's summit.
Craig Jenkins
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Wiz Khalifa Yells “Fuck Kanye” During A Show in Argentina

Wiz Khalifa's new album coming in stores, soon!
Noisey Canada Staff
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A$AP Rocky Blessed Us All with a New Video for "JD" and a Pharrell Collaboration "Hear Me"

John Hill
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Roll One Up and Let's Get High: Wiz Khalifa Just Torched This Weed Freestyle of Adele's "Hello"

"I got a grinder, I got a bong / I got some weed so let's make a song / I got some munchies we all get aloooooong."
Kyle Kramer
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Wiz Khalifa Just Dropped 'Cabin Fever 3'

You can hit both types of dabs to this album.
Slava Pastuk
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What Does Your Spotify #YearInMusic Say About You?

Don’t act like you’re not impressed by 'indie-tronica' being my most played genre of the year!
Noisey Staff
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What's the Deal with All the Hour-Long Loops of Songs on YouTube?

You may have noticed a new phenomenon on YouTube: People keep making hour-long loops of the same song. What's the point, and which ones are good?
Caitlin Greenwood
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Wiz Khalifa Got Tackled and Arrested by Six Police Officers... for Riding a Hoverboard at the Airport

"I stand for our generation and our generation is gonna be riding hover boards..."
Craig Jenkins