Women's Rights


The Most Loathsome Winners and Losers of the Canadian Election

Some of them won. Some of them lost. But they're all losers to us.


The Victims of Cameroon's Breast Ironing Tradition

Some Cameroonian mothers flatten their daughters' breasts with hot spatulas in the hope that that will make them less attractive to men.


What Marvel's Push Toward Superhero Diversity Really Means

The Marvel universe is changing in inclusive ways, including a female Wolverine and an all-female Avengers. Is this a cynical bid for sales and attention, or something more?


I Went to a Bizarre Conference on How Abortion Affects Men

If you know a guy who recently bought a sports car, or is gay, it might be because their partner had an abortion, according to Alliance for Life Ontario.


Portraits of Afghani Women Imprisoned for ‘Moral Crimes’


What Does The Future Hold for Female Education in Afghanistan?

We talked to the director of new documentary about a pioneering girls' school in Afghanistan, and the effect that the departure of Western forces will have on the country's female rights.


Babies Behind Bars

100 babies are born in prisons in England and Wales each year, yet there's no universal standard for what prisons have to provide for pregnant women – in extreme cases, some have been left to clean their cell after miscarrying.


'FGM Should Be Everybody's Business' – We Spoke to a FGM Activist About the Lifelong Impact of Cutting

Due to the secrecy that surrounds FGM, the true extent of the practise in Western countries isn't known. We spoke to the director of No FGM Australia, the Human Rights Award-winning charity that works to abolish FGM and supports those at risk.


Is India Finally Ready to Deal with Its Rape Problem?

The country's predominately male and notoriously insensitive criminal justice system has led the new government to unveil a proposal for special units that would focus on investigating crimes against women.


14 Important Battles Won by Women in 2014

What? You thought the last 12 months was just a plague of misogynist arseholes? Think again.


An Interview with the Activist Helping Women Have DIY Abortions

Dr. Rebecca Gomperts is a Dutch activist who has devoted her life to helping women safely terminate pregnancies in countries where doing so is illegal.


Saudi Women Are Defiant In Their Fight to Be Able to Drive

A 25-year-old activist spent the night in her car after police confiscated her passport for trying to drive across the Saudi Arabia border on Sunday night.