World Of Warcraft


Mit usunde 'World of Warcraft'-forhold har gjort mig til den, jeg er i dag

Spillet gav mig så mange oplevelser, interpersonelle kompetencer og så meget selvtillid, at jeg slet ikke kunne give slip på det.
Zac Thompson
VICE Magazine

Mød Danmarks mest populære kvindelige 'twitcher' Sinterbell

Sinterbell er Danmarks mest populære kvindelige 'twitcher' og en del af en milliardindustri, der vokser eksplosivt – ligesom antallet af fans og haters af de smukke, kvindelige streamere.
Lars Jellestad

Danmarks første behandlingsforløb for spilafhængighed starter på Frederiksberg

Symptomer på spilafhængighed tæller søvnmangel, og at det går ud over din fritid.
Lars Jellestad
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I Lost My ‘World of Warcraft’ Virginity for the Amusement of My Fiancée

"You died? In the starter zone? Wow... that's quite an achievement, hon."
Si Hawkins
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The Greatest Moments of Blizzard Entertainment

To mark the full release of <i>Heroes of the Storm</i> VICE Gaming looks back at the standout story scenes of Blizzard's games so far.
Matt Porter
VICE vs Video games

‘Hearthstone’ Is Amazing, But Its Players Can Be Proper Dicks

Blizzard's card collecting game is an eSports phenomenon with 30 million players. Sadly, a great many of them are sarcastic shits.
Nick Cowen

Explore the Gross, Cultish 3D World of Worlds Inc. – Before It's Lost Forever

Worlds Inc. is a company that runs and maintains a very basic 3D chat client first introduced in 1995 and has, over time, become a cesspit of the darker side of human nature.
Francis Murphy

Leeroy Jenkins and the Changing Face of the Internet

We're living in the last days of deciding ourselves whether videos go viral or not.
Joe Bish

Inside the Tragic, Obsessive World of Video Game Addicts

Experts estimate that more than 3 million Americans between the ages of eight and 18 could be suffering from video game dependency, and in many cases this addiction can consume their entire lives.
Cecilia D’Anastasio
A Few Impressions

Are You a Nerd?

What is a nerd? Are nerds the new cool?
James Franco

These Iranian World of Warcraft Fans Are Sad Their Game Got Banned

And it's not like they can get over it by going out and getting laid.
Henry Langston