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Leyya’s “Drumsolo” Is A Layered, Musical Parfait of Sound

Die neue Single des österreichischen Elektro-Pop-Duos Leyya ist melodisch und komplex und ganz einfach weird genug, um sie stundenlang anzuhören.
Photo by Meyrem Bulucek

One of the most exciting things about music is that it doesn’t have to make absolute, technical sense for you to thoroughly enjoy it. I know, music nerds. I said what I said. Clashing sounds and words, beats and melodies to create a mood or feeling or swath simply of sound rather than rigid structure is an entirely pleasurable creative act. And that is something Austrian electro-pop Leyya have done on their newest track, “Drumsolo.” Leyya have created a sonic kaleidoscope with this song—it’s even like you can even see certain colours. The bleeps are red; the horns are blue and green; and singer Sophie Lindinger’s vocals skim overtop, golden and fizzy. In the middle of the track, we’re gifted the song’s namesake: a glorious drum solo. It’s frantic and improvisational; an exertion, or explosion, rather that having it exist to fit within the rest of the song’s structure.


“'Drumsolo' is one of our favourite tracks of the new album. On the one hand, it's very complex (at one point it doesn't even make sense 'music theoretically'). But, on the other hand, the melody is very catchy so you don't notice its quirkiness,” the band said in an email to Noisey. “That's what we always wanted our tracks to be like: different layers to discover depending on the listener's mood.”

Listen to the track below: