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Niedlich und tödlich

Kid Acne ab Donnerstag in der Inoperable Gallery.

Am Donnerstag wird in der Inoperable Gallery die Solo Show von Kid Acne eröffnet. Unter dem sehr guten Titel Damn Straight und mit freundlicher Unterstützung von uns. Die glücklichen Frauen mit den Schwertern in vielen Ausführungen, die sich dieses mal besonders um die Themen Mythologie, Folklore und Hexentum drehen, gibt's dann in Hülle und Fülle. Vielleicht läuft dann auch auf dem Galerie eigenen Baustellen Radio Musik von Kid Acne. Vielleicht aber auch nur so Rap. Beides fänden wir ziemlich gut.

Im Moment laufen noch die Aufbauarbeiten, damit dann morgen alles hübsch beblättert ist. Ab 19h ist Vernissage. Solltet ihr es nicht schaffen, habt ihr noch bis zum 24.11. Zeit euch die Ausstellung anzuschauen.

Und ein kleines Interview haben wir auch noch mit ihm gemacht.

VICE: This is your first exhibition in Vienna, right? Have you visited the city before or is it also the actual first time to also be here?
Kid Acne: Yes - this is my first exhibition in Austria. I visited Vienna 4 or 5 years ago as part of a European hip-hop tour. We played a concert at FLUC club, which was a lot of fun. We did shows in Switzerland, Germany and France too, catching the train between countries like Sherlock Holmes or something. Did you have the chance to paint some walls on the streets too?
Not yet, but I was here in the Summer to meet the gallery and painted a few things then…   Your clients include PRADA, Levis, Volkswagen etc. etc.. Do you have an Agency for business like that or do these people contact you directly?
I don't have an agent. Generally these companies contact me directly. I spent almost 10 years working as an illustrator. Each job generated publicity for the next, but nowadays I don't really push this aspect of my work. I don't have a portfolio as such, but once in a while a client will see my work somewhere and ask to collaborate on a project. I prefer it this way. It's less pressure and makes the experience more enjoyable. The term "Street Art" got pretty mashed up during the last years. How important is the "Street" in your art to you and what does it actually mean today to be a Street Artist?
Street / Urban / Aerosol - they're all interchangeable terms, generally depending on what audience the work is being sold to. For me, it makes no difference, it's just art - either good or bad. I'd like to make my work more 'rural' to be honest. I like painting in the middle of nowhere.