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Javi Shares His Soundtracks for Life

To kick start our new Soundtracks for Life series, we asked Javi to share some of his all time favourite tracks with us.

Born and raised in the Canary Islands, Javi Row is the winner of last year's burn Residency competition. Since then, he has been playing his deep house and techno music throughout Europe and across the globe. Over the past year, Ibiza has become something of a new home for Javi. This summer, he became a resident for Ibiza Sonica Radio and played various gigs across the island, most notably at the world famous Space alongside burn Residency mentor Carl Cox.


Having been brought up by a family with love of classical music, Javi's appreciation for all things musical evolved at an early age. At the age of 14, Javi began to dig deep into the world of electronic music and soon after he started DJing.

To kick start our new 'Soundtracks for Life' series, we asked Javi to share some of his all time favourite tracks with us. Here goes…

The wake up song

Maceo Plex' „Under The Sheets" is a track I've probably heard more than 100 times and I still think it's the perfect track to wake up to in the morning. The melody and the vocals fit together perfectly and the vibe is just amazing.

The last song you listen to before going out

There are actually so many tracks that I love to listen to before leaving the house… Booka Shade's ‚Line Of Fire' would probably be my top choice. It's a really nice melodic track that's perfect for getting into the party mood and can really take you to another dimension.

The song that gets the crowd going

I often play the Claude VonStroke classic 'Who's Afraid of Detroit'. Every time I play this amazing track the crowd goes crazy. It's a strange track, but in a good way. Claude VonStroke is a genius - he's developed his own unique sound and I absolutely love it.

The sport soundtrack

Well… I think it has to be a Paul Kalkbrenner classic. 'Sky and Sand' is one of the few tunes that gives me the motivation I need to exercise. It's an unbelievable track which can even make me cry, but at the same time can motivate me to go jogging, swimming or simply help me to enjoy doing sport.

The first song in your DJ career

Nu Man & Jo Ke's 'Who Loves The Sun' without a doubt. I heard it for the very first time in Ibiza and it was definitely one of the tracks that made me want to become a DJ. It really is a perfect track with an incredible vibe all the way through. Words can't describe it… Just give it a listen and you'll see what I mean!