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soundtracks for life

Charlie don‘t Surf shares his Soundtracks for Life

It‘s time for Charlie Don‘t Surf‘s take on our series. The swedish artist shares his soundtracks for life.

Known for his deep yet organic house and techno music, Charlie don't Surf is an artistic soul from Malmö, Sweden. After producing for many years, Charlie has more recently begun to focus on the performance side of things, including DJing and live sets.

As one of five winners of the world's biggest DJ competition, burn Residency, Charlie was lucky enough to spend the entire summer 2014 in Ibiza. Aside from DJing at legendary venues including Cafe Mambo, Beach House, Ushuaia Beach Club and Privilege, Charlie earned a monthly one hour slot on Ibiza Sonica radio station. What's more, thanks to techno pioneer Richie Hawtin's appreciation of his unique sound, Charlie was given the chance to play at ENTER., Richie's experimental Space Ibiza club night, where he treated his listeners to an arty set.


Following a jam packed summer of gigs, Charlie locked himself away in the studio to start working on his new material. Right now, Charlie is busy preparing a live set with a hardware drum machine and synths in combination with a computer and midi controllers. His EP 'Storms Ahead' was recently released on Berlin based label Einmusika, with a full album soon to follow. Keep your eyes peeled!

For his selection of Soundtracks for Life, Charlie has chosen an eclectic mix of tracks, including one of his very own masterpieces.

The wake up song

This little moody track is as rainy and grey as the Swedish weather right now. I often wake up with this piano melody in my head. Imagine listening to this track along with a cup of coffee, fresh juice and a sandwich to die for. You look out the window and the rain is pouring down, but it's OK, you can stay inside… Welcome to Sweden!

The last song you listen to before leaving the house to go out

My current pep track is 'The Clone Wars' by Radio Slave. This track totally talks to my legs! The voice and the psycho synths make me want to dance. For me, it's the perfect soundtrack for when you're finishing your beer and putting your shoes on.

The song that gets the crowd going

Okay. This track. It's been some kind of "secret weapon" in my sets for a long time. The drive is simply amazing. A beat, a groove, some hats - it's easy and incredibly effective. Love it!


The sports soundtrack

Not sure if it's appropriate for a techno DJ to say this, but when I'm out running I always have hip hop playing in my headphones. Kanye West, Jay Z and Big Sean made this track 'Clique' some time ago. Guess everybody knows it, and everybody knows you can't stand still when it's playing. It's just something about the beat… According to "Run Keeper", this is the track that I run the fastest to. Try running to it at double speed!

The first song in your DJ career

I still remember watching MTV Dancefloor Chart, always hoping for "the track where the boy builds an airplane and the guys sing on a cloud". It was of course Stardust's classic "Music Sounds Better With You." I could've chosen "Daft Punk - Around the World" as well, but this one left a much bigger impression on me. It must be one of, if not THE best house tracks of all time.