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Afghanistan in the U.K. - Trailer

Embedded in a fake bad place, with soldiers preparing to go to a real bad place.

Recently I signed up for five-day embed with B Company of the second batallion of the Parachute Regiment (2 Para) at their training facility in Thetford, UK, to film the army’s much-talked-about, multimillion-pound “fake Afghanistan village.” On arrival at the camp we felt pretty pleased with ourselves that we’d been given this amazing access to a top-secret military facility and thought we had carte blanche to look around and observe the operations as journalists.

We checked into the reception area like it was an army hotel and found an agreeable room in the barracks. “Ah,” we thought, “this should be an informative and relaxing few days in the countryside.”

Soon after leaving my change of clothes in the barracks, we were driven miles away to a gloomy brick building in the middle of nowhere and were told that the next time we slept in a bed would be in five days. It gets much worse.

Above is the trailer for the documentary we made about our time in Afghanistan UK, which premieres on VBS later this month.